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Message Templates. Drag and Drop Contact Upload. Easy, drag and drop, contact uploader lets you immediately start texting. With the TextUs Web App you can manage dozens of personal, one-to-one, text conversations with any mobile phone directly from your computer. Manage Multiple Conversations. With the TextUs Web App you can manage dozens of personal, one-to-one, text conversations directly from your computer. SMS to Email Forwarding. Make sure you never miss a text. EZ Texting enables businesses to grow their businesses, reach more people, and save money. EZ Texting provides an easy to afford, easy to use customize app that makes launching a custom SMS marketing campaign fast, fun, and inexpensive.

Some of the main features offered by EZ Texting include advanced messaging, picture messaging, dedicated short code services, creation of contact list, on the go messaging, integrations, and…. EZ Texting. TextUs is business texting software. TextUs enables easy texting and managing of texts from your computer as well as adding texting to your CRM workflow.

TextUs provides easy to use features that enable you to speed up communication and close out more deals. The features offered by TextUs include message templates, upload of contact spreadsheet, conversation claiming, messages scheduling, message delivery status, SMS to email forwarding, conversation flagging, notifications of incoming messages, and personalization merge fields. TextUs enables sending of group broadcasts by….

Textline is a business text messaging platform used for communication, sales, and support in technology minded companies. Textline enables businesses to deliver innovative customer sales and service by replying to their text messages effectively. Textline also eliminates the need of customers installing other apps as they can text messages to your existing business through a dedicated phone number. Textline provides a responsive web app that provides an excellent platform for your customers to text messages on multiple devices.

Textline main features are; attachments, emojis, whispers, claiming or transfers, reminders, and the power tools. Textline provides you with a messaging platform…. SendHub is a simple and automated business SMS messaging app. SendHub delivers powerful features and flexibility in business SMS messaging. The features offered by SendHub include text enabled business line, shortcode, MMS messages, message attachments, bulk inbox actions, contact database, online messaging inbox, mobile phone apps, messaging API, and conversation threads.

The contact database provides an excellent platform for uploading, adding, editing, and managing all of your contacts for the purpose of streamlining sending…. Message Kite is a business texting app used by small business owners. Message Kite enables small business owners to communicate with their customers and get them back for more repeat business. Message Kite uses a platform that is designed for business text messaging for small businesses and provides them with powerful functionality for enterprise-level operations.

Message Kite is ideal for automotive platforms, music schools, condo management, and health and medical platforms. The main features provided by Message Kite are email notifications, message templates, autoresponder, text messaging history, a message composer, and real-time landline messaging. The message templates feature enables to….

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Message Kite. Heymarket is a business text messaging software that enables you to manage customer relationships from anywhere. Heymarket provides an excellent platform for messaging for customers, text marketing, and CRM for messaging. Heymarket provides you with a new phone number or text which is enabled as an existing business number. Heymarket provides an excellent platform for texting with your clients to improve the customer service as well as driving the sales.

The features offered by Heymarket include; a shared inbox, mobile apps and web, shared templates, contacts, and lists, text enabled landlines, a shared inbox and messages, typing indicators, auto reply,…. TextMarks is an SMS text messaging platform that enables you to communicate to groups, grow your business, provide information on demand, and generate leads. TextMarks enables you to send hundreds of messages at once while also acquiring, engaging, and retaining your clients with SMS marketing.

The mass text messaging feature enables you to broadcasts news updates, reminders, and text alerts to all your SMS subscribers. With the mass text messaging feature, users are provided with an excellent platform for sending information…. Trumpia is a mass SMS text messaging platform. Trumpia combines mass texting, smart targeting, and automation to enable you to automatically send individual alerts or mass SMS to the right people at the right time. In text messaging, Trumpia provides an excellent platform for sending MMS and SMS text in a captivating way and delivered through the single device.

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The features offered by Trumpia include; landline texting, mobile keywords, long codes and short codes, auto campaign, smart targeting, cross-channel API, and clickthrough tracking. The smart targeting feature enables every message to be personalized and relevant to each receiver. The auto….

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Fastsms is a business text messaging platform that features a personal support. Fastsms uses a global network coverage that enables sending of text messages worldwide. The high quality UK routes used by Fastsms ensure messages are delivered at a maximum speed. Fastsms hosts all of your data in UK data, therefore ensuring high performance and security of your data.

The features offered by Fastsms include; online receiving of texts, reporting and alerts, converting email to SMS, managing of contacts, and managing sub-users.

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Fastsms provides an excellent platform designed to be easy to use which allows you to send text messages…. If you want to send someone regular updates about your location, you can tap Share My Location instead. Sending photos via text messages can be data-intensive. If you have a mobile data cap, you can eat through it in no time.

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To save bandwidth, you can opt to send low-quality photos in your iPhone text messages instead. The good news is that iPhones will send you two text alerts when you receive a message, as well as the optional accompanying sounds. While this is great for most occasions, I personally found it redundant. Scroll down to Repeat Alert then set it to Never.

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More: How to silence your phone's noisy, unrelenting alerts. No need for more texts. Thankfully, you can silence these group alerts on your iPhone. To mute group message alerts, swipe left on the group message then tap Hide Alerts. More: Is your iPhone battery causing your smartphone to run slowly?

Here's what to do. To avoid embarrassing miscommunications, you can organize your group-texts by giving them individual labels. More: 'How did I not know this?