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While Caitlyn apparently had prior work commitments, Kendall and Kylie reportedly hung around with friends and went out on a date night. Brody even claimed his younger siblings didn't even bother to RSVP.

Single Girl, Married Girl

It's not clear what exactly caused the reported rift Brody seems to have with the Kardashian-Jenners, but if you ask Spencer Pratt, the answer is allegedly Kaitlynn Carter. Brody dates lots of girls for a year," Pratt claimed. Kaitlynn's the reason that Brody had a falling out with Kim. Miley Cyrus certainly enjoyed a scenic Italian vacation with Kaitlynn Carter, but we're not too surprised we didn't see this alleged pairing visiting Indonesia together during their short-lived romance. That spot is somewhat sacred to Carter's old relationship with Brody Jenner, considering it's the place they got engaged in and married two years later.

According to People , the former couple held a gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony at Nihi Sumba, an island resort just off the coast of Bali. It happened to be the same exact resort where Jenner originally proposed.

The Carter Girls 2 by Desiree M. Granger

They planned four days of activities — from horse races to a white party — for their 50 guests, but when the event was all over, they allegedly neglected one crucial detail. In other words, their marriage wasn't legally binding. While this undeniably made their split a whole lot easier no courts involved!

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Both Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter know their way around a tumultuous relationship. We probably could have guessed these two were headed toward Splitsville by one single comment made by Jenner in the Season 1 confessional booth.

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If that's not a relationship red flag so big it rivals the Hollywood sign, E! News reports that the pair also allegedly had trust issues since the start. According to a source cited by the media outlet, the couple broke up once before, and Carter allegedly "pressured" the party boy into a non-legally binding marriage. Another insider who spoke to People claimed that The Hills "magnified" these long-running relationship issues, and alleged that Carter had even "moved out" of their home prior to filming. While we can't confirm this report, we do know that the influencer was already renting her own apartment in Santa Monica, Calif.

It's not totally clear who broke up with whom, but from the outside, it seems like Brody Jenner may have been hosing down the flames around his relationship while Kaitlynn Carter bounced to safety much like what happened when California's tragic wildfires encroached on their home in November Fans of The Hills know that the couple had been hinting at their relationship issues on-screen for months. Regardless of whether or not Jenner believes Carter is a "nightmare" and "psychopath" like he's said on-screen, the reality star admitted in a confessional on The Hills , "To be honest, more than any nightclub, more than any bro sesh, being at home with my wife The only evidence we really have of who triggered the split are two reports.

Us Weekly claimed Jenner was looking "melancholy" and "wasn't talking to girls" on the day they announced their breakup though he did reportedly have "a wandering eye".

Single Girl, Married Girl Lyrics

Alternatively, Cosmopolitan alleged that Carter was busy flying around in a helicopter, listening to "Don't Worry Be Happy," and making out with then-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. So, who really won the breakup here? At first, it seemed like Kaitlynn Carter's split from Brody Jenner was amicable. The DJ even commented "Hot girl summer" underneath an Instagram selfie that the influencer took with Miley Cyrus during their Italian vacation.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse, but was it all in good fun? Pics of Liam and I Holding hands on the beach coming soon. Cyrus, who knows how to drop a mic after spending years as a performer, clapped back: "Go take a nap in your truck and cool off HotGirlSummer. While he's supposedly "still friends" with both women, things did seem a little tense online.

Jimmy Carter: It's covered in the book to some degree - we've had programs in seventy-nine countries on Earth. And a lot of them have been in the third world, in the most poverty-stricken countries and villages on Earth. And we have seen increasingly the abuse of girls and women in the local families, on the farms, and depriving them of adequate food and health care and education, when they only had one or two children is all they could bear, and one of them was a boy, and one was another boy.

And we've seen the horrible murder of little girl babies at birth and the abortion of girl fetuses because it was just female. And so The Carter Center started about three years ago concentrating on the abuse of girls and women. And we've had three international meetings, annually, at The Carter Center. The last one was in June.

See a Problem?

And we invite women activists from Malaysia and around the world. And we also invite in, lately, religious leaders. But after three years we have just seen how terrible the problem is, much more than I ever had dreamed. And so I decided to write a book and do a promotion schedule like I am doing right now to try to bring these abuses of women and girls to the attention of the public.

MS: What do you see as some of the most serious problems and issues that women around the world currently face? JC: Well, the most horrible is the one I just mentioned to you - you know, we lost maybe 40 million people in the 2nd World War, and we've lost four times that many, in this generation, to the murder of little girl babies by their parents.

Either after they are born they strangle them, or they kill them when they're fetuses - now that they have the sonograms available in the poorest communities and they can detect the sex of the baby before it's born. That is the most horrendous of all. The second one is international human trafficking or slavery, which far exceeds whatever it ever was in the nineteenth century out of Africa.

And this occurs in our country as well - the state department has to issue now an annual report, and they reported that , people were sold across international borders last year. Atlanta is a key place in America for this slavery because we have the biggest airport on Earth. And a lot of our passage come from the southern hemisphere.

So a girl can be bought cheaply. So that means that we have a tremendous problem in this country of trafficking or human slavery. And this is worldwide.

And another thing - this happens in America of course - is a gross abuse of girls on campuses of our great universities, including the most distinguished ones of all. And these are basically unpunished because the college administrators, the presidents and deans, don't want to bring discredit to their campus by having a girl take legal action that would publicize the rape.

So what happens is, and this is all covered in the book, with quoting people who know, is that the boys who are inclined toward rape, when they get on the campus, they very quickly realize they can do it with impunity. So about half of the total rapes on campuses now are done by serial rapists.

But they never are punished. And you've seen a lot of stories recently in the news about the military. A couple years ago in there were 36, cases of sexual abuse in the military units, and only about and something of those have resulted in any punishment, which is about 1 percent. So these are the kinds of things that go on, not only in the rich world like ours, but also multiply greatly when you get to a country that might resort to honor killing of girls because when they are raped it is a disgrace to the family, or to other matters of that kind.

MS: You can almost be in disbelief to hear the extent - what do you see as the roots of the problem in terms of starting to address it? JC: There are two generic foundations for it that I describe in the book. One is religion. You know, if a husband is inclined to abuse his wife or if an employer, say if General Motors is inclined to pay its female employees less than a man, at least indirectly or subtly, they derive their conviction that it's not really a bad thing by the fact that a woman is treated as an inferior person in the great religions.

For instance, the Catholic Church doesn't permit a woman to be a priest or a deacon. And in the Southern Baptist division where I was loyal for seventy years, a woman is deprived of those two opportunities - she can't be a chaplain in the military, and in the seminaries, that is the higher education systems in the Southern Baptist convention, a woman can't teach a classroom if a boy student is the class.

So when men in secular life, who might be religious or not, see women being treated as secondary in the eyes of God, they assume that it's OK for them to do it. And the other thing is the excessive commitment to violence in this country.

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  7. We have been involved in more wars, on a bilateral basis, since the United Nations was formed than any other country by far. About thirty different times - I name a few of them in my book. We still have the death penalty in this country and nowhere else that we know about in this world. And we have about seven and a half times as many prisoners in jail right now in America as we had when I was a Governor. And we have about 3, people in prison in the United States now for life who have never committed a crime of violence. So the excessive resort to violence of all kinds, plus misinterpretation of biblical scriptures are two of the generic causes.

    JC: I think first of all - I am not being too subjective about this - I think it's my writing this book and going out as a former President to talk about it. Because a lot of people are startled, actually, when I give them the facts that are proven, by origins in the book, sources of information, including the U. State Department. The unmissable scenes will be airing later in the summer, so say you'll be there Read more news, spoilers and gossip on our EastEnders homepage.

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